Dynamic Sales and Marketing Executive

Professional Experience

Effective Sales and Marketing executive with 8+ years in the field. 


Professional Experience


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Currently, I am the Sales and Marketing Director at Gresso, LLC, a multi-million international fashion-technology brand headquartered in Miami, FL and Penza, Russia. As second highest-ranking employee in the United States, I am integrally involved in all business decisions. In my role as the Sales and Marketing Director, I have directed Gresso’s strategic growth in North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and western Europe. As a result, I understand the geographical and market obstacles unique to these regions, and have successfully developed action-based strategies to overcome these challenges and meet company goals. Additionally, I’ve spear-headed the research and implementation of several systems to increase company efficiency; these include sales automation, order fulfilment, and digital analytics. I have been successful at Gresso due to my ability to clearly identify and efficiently solve business problems

Mela Artisans

Prior to Gresso I was the Sales and Special Projects Manager at Mela Artisans, a gift and accessories start-up. During my two years at Mela, I helped increase company revenue 640 percent. As part of the management team, my responsibilities included providing sales and revenue analysis directly to the CEO, tracking sales targets, determining product pricing and strategy, and implementing separate strategies for 3 sub-brands.  Moreover, during my tenure I had the opportunity to observe and learn how to grow and scale-up business, both by identifying gaps in strategy and leveraging current successes.

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Brookings Institution and New America Foundation

Finally, before moving to South Florida, I began my career as a communications professional in Washington DC. There, I managed the media and PR portfolios of three research programs and organized outreach programming for over twenty different policy programs across a broad array of topics, including technology, healthcare, security and economic growth. This public policy experience has given me wide-ranging insight into the problems faced by many different industries.